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Katherine Louise custom made leather chessboards

WCGC is an affiliate of the U.S. Chess Federation, Chess Express Rating, Inc and HCF, just recently American Go Association. WCGC is the proud sponsor of the Hawaii Interscholastic Chess League – (HICL). We are also the sponsors of our new club the “Kailua Chess Group” we have Instructors that will be givng short lessons at both Windward Chess & Go Club and Kailua Chess & Go Group! Our main goal is to promote Chess and Go for the community to enjoy and to find mentors for school chess programs. WCGC combines educational and social activities. Members come to play, to learn, and to get together with old friends and make new ones. The players, no matter what their level of skill, experience, or age – speak a common language, and one that is often not understood in other areas of a person’s life. The rivalries are friendly; the friendships are competitive. WCGC can offer a wide variety of activities. There can be skittles, speed chess or rated games, etc. Club activities can include simultaneous extibitions, lectures, and even formal lessons, EVERY member is important to the success of the chess / Go clubs. We also sponsor the Oahu Go Club see below for details! See USCF articile on “Chess & Go a continiuum” book!

Favorite Links
* Mark Lowery exciting world of chess -Lessons
* How to get to 1900 – A rapid improvement course
* Arena 1.1 Free Chess program w/ 7 engines
** Jose Chess program w/ Crafty 19.8 engine**
* A Purty Fine Method of Chess – Chess Tips!
* SchaakLinks – Very Interesting historical chess info!
WCC Sponsors & Links
* The Role of Chess in Modern Education
Guide For Scholastic Chess Clubs
Books for Scholastic Chess Players
Hawaii Chess Federation
** Academic Chess -Games & Lessons
U.S. Chess Federation
Gandmaster Chess Games
* Sarah’s Chess Links
Smartchess Online
Chessbase.database info
* Free eBooks at Gutenberg -type Chess or Chesse
Chessville News
HI Chess Clubs & Various links
* Chess.FM:: Free GM Chess Videos
Professor Chess Training material
Chess Training info links
* Improve your Chess Game link
* New Successful School Chess Program
* New Info: – Internet based Play links

Are you ready for a game of Chess or Go?

Frank Alejandro
WCGC Director


Information Links

* Windward Chess & Go Club News Forum
* Oahu Go Club news forum
* Join/Renew CXR membership form for WCC, OR New renew at www.cxrchess.com
* HICLWinners Final update 04/05/07
* 2007 Hawaii Girl Champion Ashbea Oyadamari
* Robert Lau Wins State Champion, Stephen Mau wins HICLTop Overall title!
* Hawaii Chess Club Calendar Updated.7/12/07
– Hawaii Go Tournament results
* HCF & WCGC Tournament Results Link
* Quick links to current USCF and CXR ratings and tournament wallcharts
* See new rating graphs at CXR – www.cxrchess.com
Upcoming Events
* Aug 11- Mililani Chess Day G/45 chess tournament
* Sep 1- 3 Hawaii Chess Championship – Ohana East Hotel

* WCGC NEW Hours Weds, from at 4:00pm to 6:30pm at Kailua District Park
* Visit HCF see new 2007 tournament schedule USCF & CXR rated
* Windward Chess & Go Club Calendar – free chess lessons
** Kailua Chess & Go Group Calendar free chess lessons
**Oahu Go Club Calendar – free lessons
* The Week In Chess
The New York Times – Robert Byrne
ICC – Internet Chess Club
World Chess Federation Web Site
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Kaneohe, HI

Free Chess Lessons

Practice Play



Meeting Place: Kailua District Park (KDP)
21 S. Kainalu Drive
Kailua, Hawaii 96734
Wednesday from 4:00pm to 6:30pm
Lessons: Start 5:00pm to 5:45pm
POC 808-235-1567

Please bring Chess & Go sets, chess clocks to meetings and tournaments

HCF info about Hawaii Chess!

Last update 07/12/07 12:05am

Nine courses from beginner to intermediate chess players - FREE!

Slow chess up to 30 mins to 10 days per move, great way to realy find the best move!

Play GO via online scheduled tournaments at KGS!

* Next Hawaii Go Tournament
* Latest Go tournament results
* Dragon Go Server
* Play Go !

* KGS – Kiseido Go Server
* SmartGo Software for training
* The Way to Go!
* Download IGOWIN 9×9 board
* Hikaru no Go
* Go Links

* Comparison between Chess & Go!

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Low cost club rating system for chess clubs

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Guide to Scholastic Chess clubs”

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Meets every Wed at  Kailua District Park - 5:30pm to 8:30pm

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New Meeting location for:
Oahu Go Club AGA Chapter
formerly Kaneohe Go Club

Beginner Lessons & play Go
Mondays 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Starbucks Coffee
Kaneohe Bay Shopping Center
46-023 Kamehameha Hwy
Kaneohe, Hawaii POC 808-235-1567

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